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What is a Home Inspection and do I really need one?

A Home Inspection is a visual, non-destructive inspection of a house and property usually ordered by the buyer after contract but before closing. A standard home inspection will include interior, exterior, electrical system, plumbing system, HVAC, roof, appliances, fireplace, structure, foundation, driveways, walkways- get the picture? Even the most basic home inspection will be top to bottom-inside and out. An intense home inspection may include testing for radon gas, Inspections for wood destroying insects (termites and such), mold and moisture. Buried oil tanks may need to be searched for with a special ground penetrating magnetron, A video scope inspection of the sewer main line to the street connection. Advanced Infrared scanning can reveal or confirm suspected plumbing leaks in walls or underground. Damaged or insufficient insulation can be uncovered behind closed walls and a state of the art drone may be seen zipping overhead capturing 8K video that show detail of every grain on every shingle for safe thorough scrutiny of any roof regardless of height or slope.

But Why?

So you are buying a home. Very exciting, confusing and sometimes down right SCARY! Lots of money involved. Need a decision NOW- There are other offers- Hurry, Hurry, Hurry- But you have questions, and you saw some yucky yellow stuff in the basement that just may be intergalactic slime. But no one is giving you answers- Does the seller really expect you to believe the color of the water is supposed to match the tile in the bathroom? Sure the Realtor said not to worry because the Home Inspector will find everything but you

are the one who will be living here, with green(ish) water and radioactive, glow in the dark intergalactic slime in the basement.

The Buyer's Role in the Home Inspection

The inspection day is here and the inspector is walking up the steps. Is he going to find everything? Will he find anything (at least he can't miss the probable radioactive intergalactic slime that glows in the dark has doubled in size and now making SOUNDS) Should you walk with the inspector and ask questions or wait until he is finished so he doesn't get annoyed? The answer is simple do what makes you feel comfortable- You are the boss. A good Home Inspector should offer you the option of going through the inspection with him or waiting for the summary when done. The inspector will find things to report. Likely many things. However that same "good inspector" will take the time to explain everything he noted and go into granular detail about what needs your attention, what is just wear and tear and is no worry but needs to be pointed out. In the end you will get a detailed, written report that will prioritze the items and alert you to anything that may affect safety, health or the long term value of the house. If, by chance he never brings up the seemily molten, radioactive, yellow intergalactic slime that is growing and now growling in the basement- Ask Him- He will probably alleiviate your biggest fear by letting you know that the "Stuff" is just harmless yellow slime that builds up in A/C condensate drains and can be wiped away with some Clorox Cleanup. He may even recommend you pour a half cup of bleach into the A/C drain pan every month to keep the slime from growing back.

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