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Home buyers, sellers and realtors can rely on HomeCheck LTD Property inspection and evaluation because HomeCheck is built on decades of experience. HomeCheck’s founder and primary inspector, Jack Donlon got his first Real Estate License in 1985!

While selling houses, Jack became aware of a new trend that was happening called flipping. Flipping was a very quiet business back then and only a few real estate “Speculators” had the right combination of construction, real estate knowledge and guts to get in the game! It was NOT the house flipping we see on reality TV today- to give that some perspective- Chip and Joanna were just 8 and 10 years old when Jack bought, renovated and sold his first flip in 1986!

34 years and dozens if not hundreds of houses later, Jack can spot a defect before he gets in the door- but more importantly - he can tell you if it is just "unsightly" or potentially a disaster waiting to happen. Remember "Money Pit" is a real thing.

As they say in that insurance commercial...
“We know a lot of stuff, ‘cause we’ve seen a lot of stuff!”
HomeCheck is a one stop shop.
All services performed by HOMECHECK inspectors equipped with quality, state of the art equipment:

•   NJ Licensed Home Inspector Lic# 24GI00192100


•   NJ Registered and Insured NJ General Contractor# 13VH04144000

•   NJ Licensed Radon Measurment Technician Lic#

•.  Certified Infared Scans for energy efficiency or hidden leaks

•.  Main Sewer Video Inspection

•.  Buried Oil Tank Sweep

•.  FAA Licensed Drone Pilot


•.  Notary Public

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HomeCheck gives extra attention to first time home buyers and their potential need to have even the most basic maintenance and ownership items about the house thoroughly explained. Included in the final report will be a quick reference guide about the house that includes: location of water, gas, fuel emergency cutoffs, filter maintenance and any other specific info the inspector thinks may be helpful after move-in.

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