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Pool Inspection
Items Inspected

HomeCheck performs "Deep Dive" Pool Inspections.  pardon the pun...

That's because Pools can be deceiving!

They can look great and actually be on their last leg and some pools can look horrible and just need a little love! (see photos above- YES - all the same pool!) 

Allow us to be the judge!

Because most pools fall somewhere in the middle, it takes a well seasoned, trained professional to make an accurate assessment. 

Hundreds of points will be inspected, tested and observed. If you are a first time pool owner or a pool pro, the detailed report from HomeCheck's Pool Inspection will be an invaluable resource now and into the future for you to identify the components, understand how it works and what to look and look out for!  

Even winterized pools should be inspected. Although they are usually covered and can not be operated the parts, piping, mechanicals and the pool itself can still be inspected and a valuable report produced.

• Adequate fencing, gates, barriers, alarms, and/or other protective devices are installed. • Surfaces leading to the pool, including the deck and steps, are of appropriate material and in normal working condition • Decks on all sides of the pool are solid and in normal condition • The deck is separated from the pool wall perimeter. • There are no standing puddles on the deck. • All ladders, stanchions, chairs, and rails are in normal working condition • No unpleasant odors or irritating fumes are apparent. • No physical damage is apparent at the pool equipment. • Drain grates are visible from the deck, with no apparent damage. • Drain covers are installed. • Water return inlets are installed. • No debris is visible. The water is clean. • There’s no discoloration of the water. • There is no visible algae growth. • All water quality and chemical levels were within acceptable ranges as of the most current test. • The water temperature has been measured and recorded. • The type of heater is identified. • The efficiency and BTU ratings of the heater are identified. • The heater is installed on a level, non-combustible base. • Safety devices are installed on the heater. • Bonding and grounding are visible. • The heater is installed downstream of the pump and filter. • Pool chemicals are stored a safe distance away from the heater. • Adequate clearances around the heater are maintained. • Coping stones and tiles are not chipped, cracked or loose. • The pool surface appears smooth, without readily visible defects. • There is no visible surface staining. • The water level appears to be maintained to allow for the removal of floating debris. • The water level appears at the proper height to allow continuous overflow of water into the gutters or skimmers. • Skimmer weirs, skimmer baskets, deck covers, and flow-adjustment devices are installed. • Lights are installed and are operational. • The number of underwater lights is noted. • GFCIs are installed. • Electrical wiring is not passing directly over the pool or spa. • No apparent defects or signs of repair are observed at the diving board. • The manufacturer of the diving board is visible on the board itself. • The filtering pump is secured to its base and is operating quietly. • The hair and lint strainer basket is clean of debris. • The type of pipe has been identified. • Pipes and fittings are not leaking. • Pipes are supported adequately. • Pipes are not showing signs of calcification, corrosion or deterioration. • Air pressure-relief valves are installed on all pressure filter tanks. • Filter tanks are accessible. • The filter’s brand is identified. • A clean sight glass or visual outfall of at least 3 feet has been provided. • The pressurized filter tanks and hair and lint traps are not leaking and are properly sealed. • All piping, filters and components that are part of the system are labeled, tagged, color-coded, or otherwise identified.

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